services & rates 

All editing rates are charged in half-hour increments; writing coaching/consulting is charged in quarter-hour increments. Precise rates are determined once a sample of the text has been evaluated. 

Stylistic Editing

·    Checking the text for correct spelling, basic grammar, punctuation, sentence structure

·     Ensuring consistency; checking for missing or          repeated words

·    Formatting citations, notes, and bibliography, upon request

·    Improving basic style and language flow     

·    Done in-text using the Track Changes feature of Word


Developmental Editing

·    Working with the text at the level of ideas, arguments, and their arrangement

·    Re-organizing and revising as needed to improve logical flow, pacing, and persuasiveness

·    Engaging with the substantive content of the text and flagging areas in need of more development

·    Bringing text in line with word limits

·    The specific format varies, but developmental editing is generally done in-text using the Track Changes feature of Word, with additional feedback via margin comments, e-mail, and/or an optional review memo (see below)

·    Optional: Authors can request an in-depth review memo (usually around 4–5 pages) identifying the piece’s strengths and weaknesses, and suggesting strategies for moving forward (not unlike a journal peer review)  

$90 - 100/hour

Surviving the Article/Manuscript Review Process –  

a.k.a. “So, You Got a ‘Revise & Resubmit’ – Now What?”

·    Reading all original and revised versions of the   text, as well as all reader reports and correspondence with editor(s)

·    Developing a strategy and schedule for responding to reviews and preparing a response memo/letter

·    Providing developmental editing informed by the reader reviews in order to maximize the chances the article will be accepted post-revisions


Writing Coaching/Consulting

·    One-on-one e-mail, phone, or Skype consultations to discuss the writing process, develop a writing plan, and set goals and deadlines 


Rush Rates 

All of the above rates are subject to a "rush rate" adjustment for any jobs that need to be turned around in less than the regular turnaround time (see below). Exact rate to be determined on a case-by-case basis. 


turnaround time 

Average turnaround time is two to three weeks for "regular"-sized jobs - e.g., a single article, dissertation chapter, or book proposal. I realize it is not always easy to predict when you will finish a project, but if you know that you are working with a particular deadline, contact me as soon as possible. Larger dissertation- or book-sized projects require advance notice of at least three weeks before being submitted for editing.